The Crucifixion 2005

After the medieval Mystery Play from York

The scene is Calvary. Jesus enters carrying the Cross. 

 Sir knights, you know as well as I
 How the lords and leaders of our law
 Have decreed this fool shall die.

 He must be definitely dead by noon
 So it is high time that we begin!
 Let’s bang him down! Then quite soon
 The crowds will cease their wailing din.

 The foulest death of alla
 Shall he die for his deeds,
 With hammers, nails, large and long,
 Let’s do it with good speed
 Let’s kill this traitor strong!

 Almighty God, my Father free,
 Now in death I give myself to Thee.
 From its sins to save mankind
 That it through me may favour find.

 This sorcerer is like a madman
 This painful death don’t scare him!
 He’ll regret his silly sayings.
 Or will his father-god now spare him?
 (they laugh)

 This traitor smeared with treason
 Claimed to be a king -
 Here’s a nail that will stand fast
 If I can hammer it in -

 This fellow’s lost his reason -
 We commit no sin!
 The people when he’s dead will know
 He was a wicked thing.

 It’s now my turn to make quite sure
 The saviour doesn’t fail 
 To die a right royal death! So now
 Let me bang in a nail!

 That done, another dreary thing
 Is asked of you and me:
 We’ve got to make him hang on high 
 So that everyone can see.
 Alright, then all together!
 Lift on one, two, three!

 Lift up!
 Heave ho!
 A little more!
 Hold then!
 He weighs a weight!
 The worst is past!
 Oh lift again!
 There, the Christ has met his fate!

 Say, sir, how do you like
 The work that we have done?
 We pray you, tell us how
 It feels to be God’s Son!

 Of what they do, these men know naught
 So Father, one thing I crave:
 That you forgive these men their sins 
 And let their souls be saved.

 All men and women on the earth
 Behold my head, my hands, my feet!
 Let not my suffering be in vain:
 My work is now complete.

 You that destroyed the temple
 and said you could raise it again,
 You that are God almighty,
 say you don’t feel any pain!

 Brave with words, his power’s now gone
 As Pilate decreed, the deed is done;
 Let’s draw lots to see who gets
 His coat - It’s me! I’ve won!

Let’s go back now and report back to base
We’ve slaughtered the scourge of the human race.