What a life!

Just came across this advert for an 'internship' paid £100 per month. What is there left for the 'composer'/employer to do I wonder?

Working mostly alongside an accomplished composer of music for film and orchestra, the intern will:
1. Operate best-in-class digital music recording technology, e.g. the complete Vienna Symphonic Library of samples, the related tools (Vienna Suite, Vienna Ensemble Pro and Vienna MIR Pro) Logic Studio, Sibelius notation software, Altiverb and other digital recording and mastering tools.
 2. Notate and transcribe the composer’s piano and organ improvisations by ear with the help of verbal queues from the composer.
 3. Scrub and synchronise digital sound recordings with the captured MIDI data to create clean, well presented music notation.
 4. Create arrangements and realise orchestrations of musical ideas according to the composer’s instructions.
 5. Make, catalogue, and keep organised a digital sketchbook of recordings, transcriptions, arrangements and orchestrations of the composer’s works.
 6. Administrative and promotional duties: draft grants and proposals for future projects; interact with social media websites to create interest in the composer’s work.